Focused on solutions that match customer needs

Sedat EKSI
has over 25 years of IT experience, from software development to managing IT companies.
has worked for many fast growing innovative enterprises. Sedat has extensive experience in the ePayment sector, from invoice collection to credit card and fraud management, Open Banking and PSD2 is also in his knowledge area.
has delivered many national and even global projects in this sector which are first in their area. He always merges his business and technical solutions to build the most effective solutions for his customers.


Highly profitable and sustainable revenue growth

Mike Saich
is a hands-on leader with a successful track record in the software industry, operating at an international level, specializing in high impact start-up, turnaround and aggressive growth roles.
Mike has held a number of senior executive roles over the past 20 years and operated as a force for change, starting, transitioning and turning around software and services businesses, and has been a primary contributor to a successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange.
Mike has been repeatedly successful at rapidly increasing business value, building and executing business plans, developing new markets, new products and services, increasing operational scalability, improving financial performance and operating ratios, and achieving revenue and EBITDA targets.
Mike’s career objectives are to help software and services businesses to mature and achieve highly profitable and sustainable revenue growth


what value we can offer and how to unlock that value.

Richard Porter
is a creative executive with a successful history of introducing new technologies and solutions to new markets, and driving revenue growth. Over 25 years in the software industry working with both industry leaders and pioneering startups has provided a wealth of experience in building, packaging and selling innovative business solutions.
Has been working in Financial Services for the last 20 years delivering business solutions with both packaged applications for risk management (ALM, OpRisk, Capital calculation), and also productivity tools to enhance business processes.


Love of AI Solution Development

Ali Mirza
During his degree, co-founded Saffron Zest, a growing specialised catering company. He also set up Porilla, an e-commerce start up which is currently in stealth mode. Recently he he has jointly founded Inforeye, a company offering high impact business solutions with a view of bringing cutting edge technology with a focus on the Fin-Tech ecosystem to the UK and mainland Europe.
Completed his degree in Biomedical Science from St George’s, University of London, where he specialized in Biology of Cancer and Personalised Medicine. He has a keen interest in how Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve and further medical research.

Digital Solutions

We are creating digital solutions and products while thinking about digital world virtuality

New Ideas

We are creating new ideas rather than building competitive solution to existing ones

Creative Strategy

Our Expert team build creative solutions and products to your company to build IT Strategy

Advisory Board

We have very experienced Advisory Board to create solutions to bring company further