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The world’s most advanced data dissemination solution for central banks and statistical institutions


Automate your data delivery, create content-rich dashboards and make your data available online quickly without sacrificing performance or end-user experience.

Easy To Use

Powerful Features

Technical Features...
but not limited to...

  • The operating system is independent
  • Easily scalable NoSQL data structure
  • Very quick response time, < 1 second, for a very huge data set that consists of 400 data groups, 26 000 series and more than 150 million rows
  • High level horizontal scalability
  • No extra license cost for database or other server-side components
  • Full management console for data, all data prep can be done via simple GUI, no need for IT people support
  • High availability guaranteed more than 99.5%
  • Multi Language Support

The Electronic Data Delivery System provides a wide variety of economic and financial time series data produced by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey and/or data produced by other institutions and compiled by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey.

The system has a data structure of three layers: which are topics, data groups and time series. Currently, we have 22 topics, almost 400 data groups, and approximately 26 000 time series. These data are published on dynamic web pages. They can also be reported in the xls format or through the web service client (json, csv, xml), viewed and downloaded in the graphics format (jpg, png, svg), and received via e-mail by subscribing to the system.

The system can be used by both registered and anonymous users. Users can examine desired time series to be analyzed. They have eight different formula options; they can do observation and frequency conversion of time series. Since the available data is always up-to-date, if users subscribe data groups or time series, they get e-mails every time the data is updated. We are about to present an update of EVDS so that users will be able to create customized formulas by performing four operations between the time series. This feature, which will be used only by registered users, allows users to add, subtract, multiply and divide the desired time series after signing in the system. Users will be able to generate new columns with these formulas, create tables or draw graphs with the new data they have produced and save them on their dashboards.

In the system, users can create dynamic tables, graphs and maps. As default, the system orders the data as descending date order since most of the time users would like to investigate most recent data. However, they may change the order. Moreover, users can transpose the table. They can easily download it in excel format. Besides, users can create graphs and change the type of the chart: line chart, bar chart etc. For proper data, they can create maps. Registered users can add these tables, graphs and maps to their personal dashboards. They can drag and drop charts, change the size of the charts, and they can share these via a link.

In addition, there are some dashboards, which are prepared by officials of Central Bank of Republic of Turkey. These dashboards were designed as micro blog pages so that authors can tell a story about the data.

The system have a smart search bar. Users can quickly access whatever they search for and quickly create table, graph and maps.

Commercial users (such as Bloomberg and Reuters) can effectively use web service facility to easily reach and use data in EVDS. Web service facilities can be used also within the Excel application to create automatically updated tables.
EVDS is trade mark of Central Bank of Turkey. BilişimTSA is a treademark of Bilişim Inc. Day to day operation run by the Statistic Department. Bilişim Inc. provides infrastructural and technical support.

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