Orchestrate customer journeys in real-time…

.using a continuous intelligence platform with machine learning capabilities.


Evam’s Continuous Intelligence Platform combines multiple products for processing and visualizing real-time data. It runs real-time machine learning models on streaming data, while enriching the real-time data with a smart in-memory caching mechanism.

Evam for Financial Services

Even customers’ state and mind-set are constantly changing and competition is higher than ever. Evam empowers financial services companies to process millions of customer interactions, business events, and data points per second and perform the right action in real-time.


The survival rule is simple: Track your customers’ life cycle. If you understand who your customer is and their wants and needs, you will make the right decisions.

Convert your machine and sensor data into actionable intelligence. Create an ecosystem of integrated hardware controlled by software.

It is more important than ever to adopt next-generation, real-time management tools that generate value for the customer and the operator.

Issue reminders / warnings on time and make sure all components from aircraft to check-in kiosks are in top shape to deliver a superior experience.

EVAM empowers you to engage with your customers through all kinds of digital touchpoints with a unified voice in real-time.


EVAM helps you analyze customer behaviors and take real-time actions to improve customer experience.