Orchestrate customer journeys in real-time…

Evam is a leading technology product specializing in ``Customer Journey Orchestration`` through ``Continuous Intelligence`` capabilities by analyzing the data in real-time with advanced machine learning technology. It empowers telecommunication, financial services, insurance, airline, retail and industrial companies to process billions of interactions and ensure the right action to be taken in real-time to derive maximum business value.

Evam is a unique solution that helps enterprises turn the data and events from their customers to value. Evam gives the ability to take the right actions from the right channel in real-time and helps answer business challenges. Companies use Evam to acquire and retain customers, improve customer experience, reduce operational costs, detect fraud, and increase revenue. Customer-facing businesses can avoid losing a customer by making a personalized offer at the right time or engage each customer based on what they are doing to improve satisfaction


Continous Intelligence

consists of three different solutions, Evam Actions, Evam Intelligence, and Evam Enterprise Cache and offers an out-of-the-box solution. Enterprises have the shortest time-to-market for their new customer engagement ideas with Evam Continuous Intelligence Platform’s visual drag and drop interface. The platform enables users to turn business strategies into customer journeys that generate results.


Real Time Streams Analytics

Track information coming from every channel and truly become a digital and multi-channel enterprise. Track what your customers are doing across channels and engage them in real-time.


Evam Intelligence
Real-Time Machine Learning

Centralize your decisioning and predict with real time-machine learning to be one step ahead. Don’t stay outdated. Catch the changing trends with AI-powered technology


Evam Enterprise Cache
Real-Time Source Enrichment

Your customers can’t wait. Boost your enterprises’ actions in microseconds at scale.

Evam Enterprise Cache enables high-speed cache access to data for business decisions that rely on the most up to date data. Ensure the data’s recency and validity while serving it in real-time without putting load on your back-end systems.


Rule Of Things
No-Code Rule Designer

Manage your loT devices and create device journeys

Abnormal Condition Detection

Better Scheduling of Predictive Maintenance

PLC & Equipment Integration

Leveraging Existing Equipment

Advanced Dashboard & Reporting

Robust & Secure Connectivity



Evam is recognized by Gartner as a leader in real-time customer engagement and event stream processing. Evam is currently being used by many leading companies around the world to interact with over 450 million end-users in more than 35 countries every day.