The Comprehensive Solution for Accelerating Debt Recovery

The Comprehensive Solution for Accelerating Debt Recovery
CollectWin is a complete solution specifically designed to simplify and accelerate debt collection management processes. It covers all stages from early days to legal proceedings and automates business rules to manage your delinquent account collection.
CollectWin is flexible, enabling quick adoption by different industries, such as Telecom, Energy, Finance, Insurance, and specialist collection agencies.

CollectWin is designed and developed with features like 360-degree monitoring debtors, management of teams & lawyers, real-time reporting services in order to accelerate and finish off debt collection


360 degree
Monitor Debtors

Gather all the information about your debtors; recent and past addresses, home owner or tenant, contact information, NI and pensions, credit scores, first degree relatives like spouse, parent, child or sibling, debt files, vouchers, cosigners etc.

Track your communication with clients; phone, fax, e-mail, mail and text.

Monitor the debt, payments and if the debtor is willing to pay so you can take the required action on time.

See if the debtor is a guarantor at the same time so that you can measure your overall risk on that debtor.



Every customer is unique and each case creates a unique file.

Follow the stage and history of debt cases going through. Original debt, interest amount, legal or business outgoings, payments done, up-to-date debt amount, and so on.

Track easily when the debt’s gone into irregular intervals, is it in a legal proceeding, how many payment plans have been done or how many have been terminated before its end term.

CollectWin automates every process and keeps records to analyze and helps to build strategy to the next similar case.

CollectWin automates all job for you and create required records for your ERP, financial reports or send reports to credit score organizations.


Alerts & Reminders

Every step in the collection is important. CollectWin watches every business step and reminds them of a related party or a customer. Sends email, text message or even a letter.

If the client is in a critical stage to get into late payment alerts are sent to the representative.

Clients are notified about upcoming or late payments by e-mail or text.

All agent see their assigned tasks in importance levels and due times



Create quick or detailed campaigns taking into account the type of debt, debtor, amount of debt, territory or any other parameter so that you can shorten the collection periods.

Distribute these campaigns either by phone, text or e-mail and measure the results.

Distribute these campaigns in fair distribution to agents and lawyers to create internal staff happiness and satisfaction.

Measuıre the campaign success on time and change any time to get more success.



Create your business rules which reflect your companies’ debt collection strategies. Define your rules as many as you need and change them as often as you like.

For instance, the rules to assign the files between agents or lawyers, discounts making rules, communication rules, debt segmentation rules or priority issues. Let CollectWin work in the same way you do.

Create your own KPI and watch your KPI real-time for your lawyers and agents.


Document Management
Simplify & Automate & Measure

CollectWin’s comprehensive pre-built document Library, with its ability to amend or add specific company documents, delivers automation and tracking at each step. You can create your own documents and personalize corporate documents.

External or internal lawyers, agents send the same format to each customer to create a unique service.


Win-Win and KPI

Create department, team and individual privileges to access the files, create payment plans, and even discounts. With CollectWin you can create your organizational structure and define their roles. If the role or department of an employee changes, then CollectWin reorganizes all privileges accordingly.

Schedule team’s or agents’ work and set up their targets.

CollectWin distributes the cases fairly to call centre agents and lawyers based on case attributes like value, geography. Agents and lawyers can apply discounts based on their defined roles or obtain approval for special discounts.

Measure agent, team, or department-based performance and report the results.



CollectWin is fully GDPR compliant. It retains everything within the secure environment of its architectural level.  Its multi-layered structure, with user rights and privileges assigned centrally, ensures data sharing is fully controlled

CollectWin supports industry-standard security mechanisms like e-signature, PKI structure and two-stage authentication.

CollectWin enforces country-specific rules, ensuring all agents and lawyers are compliant with local Consumer Credit Protection Regulations.